reclaiming and recreating lost lingerie

Brart is for women who live with the experience of breast cancer and the difference it makes to our lingerie drawers. Brart takes one of the effects of breast cancer – a changed lingerie drawer – and reclaims, recycles and recreates something beautiful from your redundant bras.

Breast cancer is a profound experience and can change many things in our lives – including the shape of our body, our breasts and how we feel about them.

Brart recognises the many changes that breast cancer, surgery and radiotherapy can create in your life. By finding a new purpose for bras that no longer fit, are not soft enough for tender skin or that do not match new feelings about your changed or changing body, Brart helps you rediscover some of the beauty in your life.

Brart was founded and is run by someone who shares this experience. Though grateful to have survived breast cancer, Ali missed wearing her collection of beautiful but redundant bras until she came up with a creative idea to make use of them — and Brart was born.

In this website you can read about the different ways your lost lingerie can be reclaimed, recycled and recreated into something even more beautiful.